The Alternative sustainable agroforestry systems for indigenous and Afro-descendant of the RAAN, Nicaragua Grant is a grant TF093115 from JSDF (Japan Social Development Fund), managed by World Bank and implemented by the Coordinating Association of Indigenous and Peasant households for Community Agroforestry in Central America (ACICAFOC) located in the RAAN Nicaragua.


  • Component 1:Integrated development of agroforestry in 1000 cocoa growing farms to raise production levels
  • Component 2:Direct marketing strategy and market linkages for cocoa farmers operating in a socially and environmentally sustainable environment
  • Component 3:Strengthening the Central American Cocoa Producers network
  • Component 4:Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation

Area of influence of the project

It includes the municipalities of Bonanza, Rosita, Siuna Prinzapolka and Mulukuk├║ in RAAN, and work with organizations that are within the Central American Cocoa Producers network such as La Campesina in Matiguas, Matagalpa.


This grant is intended to benefit at least 1,000 cocoa farmers and their direct dependents (5,000 people). Also, will benefit about 7,000 farmers and their direct dependents (35,000 people), members of associations and cooperatives that work with the Central American Cocoa Producers. In addition, about 200 leaders or leaders will be trained with advanced training and over 1,200 participating farmers and organized individual capacity development and marketing skills training in Central America.

General Objective

To contribute to the eradication of poverty from the development of cocoa production and marketing in the North Atlantic Autonomous Region of Nicaragua, through the promotion of sustainable use of natural resources, rural welfare and sustainable development of trade agreements and promotion abroad.

Specific Objectives

  • a) Support the improvement of activities related to the integrated management of cocoa agroforestry systems on farms, in order to increase production levels among indigenous and Afro-descendent peasants of Nicaragua's RAAN.
  • b) Establishing sustainable linkages between producers with chocolate companies internationally and with international standards of fair trade, to strengthen formal agreements on the supply and sale of environmental products and services from the cacao farms RAAN Nicaragua.
  • c) strengthen social management, trade and environment of the Central American Cocoa Producers, by creating an effective mechanism to finance their activities, certification and marketing, and to improve leadership, coordination and exchange of experiences among community organizations, cooperatives, producers, among others.

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