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The Alternative sustainable agroforestry systems for indigenous, peasant and Afro descendants of the RAAN, Nicaragua, project named COCOA RAAN Project, aims to contribute to the eradication of poverty in indigenous, peasant and Afro descendants and development integral cocoa production and marketing in the RAAN, through the promotion of sustainable use of natural resources, rural welfare and sustainable development of business agreements.

The Coordinating Association of Indigenous and for Peasants Community Agroforestry in nCentral America (ACICAFOC) is the implementor of this project whose components i) Integrated development of agroforestry systems in 1000 cacao growing farms to raise production levels in Nicaragua, ii) direct marketing strategy and market linkages for cocoa farmers operating in a socially and environmentally sustainable environment, iii) consolidation of the Central American cacao producers in response to the demands expressed by producers to actively participate in marketing initiatives and iv) Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation in the actions implemented.

With these components, it is intended to respond to the needs of cocoa farmers, to develop technical skills in the management of cocoa agroforestry systems and link them with innovative mechanisms to enable them to participate actively in the development of niche markets.

Project implementation started in 2010 and has been vigorously implemented from 2011, yielding visible results of actions within which we can highlight the contribution towards the development of technical skills in the area of ​​both technical and in terms of leaders and producers in the management of cocoa agroforestry systems, and formulating subproject proposals by beneficiaries. This facilitator training through local field schools in Cocoa and workshops in the formulation of subproject proposals and budgeting has been a process that has generated local capabilities streamlined the development of cocoa actions in the RAAN.

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